Zeferino with Wally Pfister

In mid February Twentyfour-seven shoot an spot for Michelin where the Director/DOP was Wally Pfister. Many of you already know who it is, but  for those who have not yet identified the name, is the DOP that has worked in movies like Inception, Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins and Memento. Wally Pfister has worked as Cristopher Nolan‘s right hand in virtually all his films, and with Inception, Pfister took his first Academy Award in 2010. Now he began his career as a filmmaker with this work and a film written by Jack Paglen and produced by Alcon Entertainment which is not yet known or title. During the shooting of Michelin, Kevin González  worked as a Gaffer and Zeferino provided all  the professional lighting. We leave you this interview in which Pfister talks about his beginnings and previous work. Hope you like!



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