Zeferino with “The Pelayos”

A few months ago the film The Pelayos premiered in Spain , produced by Bausan Films, directed by Eduard Cortés and photographed by David Omedes. The film is based on real events and tells the story of  the Pelayo family, who managed to oust many casinos taking advantage of imperfections in the roulette game.

The director Eduard Cortés debuted in 2002 with La vida de Nadie, but has an extensive career as director of  TVmovies and TV shows  from the 80’s. David Omedes is not a novice in this world of  feature film. Since 1995 has shooted more than 18 movies being Salvador (Puig Antich) by Manuel Huerga on of the most recognized and the one for which he won the Goya in 2007.

Omedes was one of the first Spanish DOP shooting in HD, precisely in the film Salvador (Puig Antich). This gave him a great experience to get the most out of the high definition in a creative and effective way. In the May issue of the journal Cameraman you will find a lengthy article in which David Omedes exposes some of the references, ideas and techniques used to create the light of the film The Pelayos, as well as the tricks he used in dealing, again, the challenge of achieving a quality  and credible light working in HD. The magazine also explains how the gaffer Ricard Pujol, who had worked in The Frost, helped in creating the environments of the film.

We have contacted Ricard Pujol, who has kindly shared photos of  The Pelayos shooting at the Lloret’s Casino. These were, according to him, the most difficult scenes to shoot, technically speaking. Ricard told us that to illuminate the set of the casino  took three days hanging lights from the roof of the casino. There were about 70 devices, including Fresnels 1 and 2 kW, Rockets, Par 64 and  4 tube kinos of 120cm. Ricard explained that the great challenge of filming in the casino was that as each day the casino opened to the public, they had a very restrictive schedule  to prepare and shoot the scenes, from 6am to 4pm, when the casino opened to the public. In his own words “A real obstacle, especially at the end of the day.” Now, we imagine what it must mean working under this pressure, that is why  we offer the best material in the best conditions and a 24 hours service a day so that they can overcome challenges such as this more easily. Zeferino Professional Lighting, once again collaborating with the local film industry!



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