Zeferino with Patrick Duroux and Audi R8

Directed by Nacho Gayán and produced by Agosto ,the new Audi R8 Colors commercial has surprised all of us. In the project have spoken Partick Duroux, cinematographer known for his multiple jobs in film and advertising and Javier Catalán, a recognized Gaffer within the sector. The advertising  was shot in the studies of Terrassa, where they assembled a whole structure of soil where all the action takes place in front of a chroma funds. It was not an easy task, as evidenced by the various plants that the DP gave us looking for the best solution in order to be able to illuminate the car from beneath the platform.

We leave you with one of the many schemes that were to find the solution, and also attached some pictures courtesy of the gaffer where you can see the the amazing set.

Finally , the result of such a successful work.



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