Zeferino recycles!

Since 2000 we started to worry about the recycling of lamps and tubes in Zeferino Professional Lighting.

In those years, our manager, Carlos Vallet, made a strong emphasis on the whole issue of recycling (lamps, tubes, batteries, etc..).

There were many companies that are committed to recycle mercury lamps, but still and so find one that could pick up tubes, lamps and batteries in our facilities and bring them to their plant.

Oddly enough, all parts of a lamp can be recycled:

The metal contacts, one’s crystal lamp, fluorescent tube and mercury lamps HMI.

Currently, all manufacturers of fluorescent tubes lamp and charge their customers a rate which is written ECORAEE European and cater to everyone, individuals and businesses. It costs € 0.30 per unit purchase. Also, vendors are required to collect any lamp or tube that have sold.

Theoretically, all the lamps have been recycled. Well, theoretically, have been to recycle all lamps!

And in Zeferino Professional Lighting, we ensure that all our lamps are going direct to discard the plant recycled!

By David ParraZeferino Professional Lighting Technical Services.

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