Zeferino with the grip Brick

The May 8, 2015 we published this video on Zeferino Professional Lighting Facebook page  that had a great interaction:

¿Cómo operar un cañón de luz un viernes? La respuesta aquí:

Posted by Zeferino on Viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

It was Brick, grip on the city of New York, dancing “Single Ladys” while operating a cannon light in the Beyoncé concert.

The publication caused such magnitude that became viral getting 1622 likes, 4229 shares and 169 comments.

Surprisingly, the video also came to Brick’s wife, Roe.

Roe contacted us to ask where we found the video. And the truth is that we had found on Youtube.

We decided to reward Brick by these jiggings with light cannon and send him a small detail direct to New York.

We send him a complete kit with all the Zeferino accessories available for lighting technician (our catalog, different clothes and accessories more useful for the daily life of a working day).

One year after at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Brick returns to perform other work. But this time with us! With Zeferino Professional Lights. 😉
Thanks Brick to enjoy this profession as we do!


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