Zeferino interview D.O.P. Emilio Guirao

What were your beginnings in cinematography?

After finishing the photography school IEFC (Institut Photographic Studies of Catalonia), I was able to get an apprenticeship at Vision Service which was then in l’Hospitalet in modern carrer. I met professional camera team that gave me the opportunity to work as a video technician.
With time spent on auxiliary chamber, while short films and music to enlighten people like me started.
I had good opportunities and since 2005 I started working as a cinematographer.  
Isabel Coixet
who had accompanied him for years as a camera assistant gave me my first important works.

What has been your most relevant work or with whom you have been happier?

There are many jobs that I’m satisfied.
Right now I would say, the feature “Tasting menu” (
Menú Degustación), the commercial of Estrella Damm in Bulli, or just shoot for Electric Ireland.

What device or projector whenever you take a taxi? Why?

I am using a lot of the Vista Beam and M18

They are very versatile.
The Vista Beam gives a soft light, wide and powerful.
The M18, is small, fast, and incredibly powerful for its small size.

Have some respect audiovisual cinematographer you dialed?

Many cinematographers from whom I have learned, and I admire, whether for work or for their generosity.
The list would be long. I learned a lot of
Jean-Claude Larrieu, José-Luis Lopez Linares and
Sergi Gallardo.

I like Harris Savides.

What advice would you give to someone starting in the industry?

A person who begins to insist he would say, and roll whatever even without money.
The countless unpaid work that I have done are the most doors have opened.
Not knowing sold is no problem in the end what counts is doing the job well.
The best cinematographers I’ve met have also subtracted be the most humble and generous.

You can see all the work of Emilio Guirao on his website.



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