Zeferino innovating with Literribon

During the past December, was published the last spot by Anna de Codorníu in which Zeferino Professional Lighting had the pleasure of working. Produced by Tesauro and directed by Rebeca Díaz, the shoot took place between New York and Barcelona. During preproduction process, the Director of Photography Rafa Lluch presented an idea of the lighting set for the cava bottle, and it was then when our technician David Parra started work. David explains us  a little bit about the development.

” It all started when Rafa Lluch asked us if we can help him because he wanted to do something innovative to illuminate the bottle, normally glows with the empty bottle from the inside and this was the first time that  someone was trying to illuminate the bottle without touching it, everything from outside. The initial idea of Rafa Lluch was to use a small tube or something similar, but now as we are more engaged with the topic LED , We put a few strips of literibbon, but we found that the spot light through the glass  was too obvious so we tried several difusion filters  and eventually we came up with the Depron, which smoothes out a lot, and in fact in the scommercial carries  like three layers. We made a prototype in an hour and a half here in the warehouse. The result was to create an aluminum plate with 6 strips of LED , with a pack of batteries of 1.5v to arrive to the 12v. The 20W LED per meter gave us plenty of light and a very good color reproduction, 1.80 which in this case does not influence much since the bottle is green. Once in shooting, Rafa contacted me to apply the same idea but to a circular form, for place it in the bottom of the bucket where was supposed the stay the bottle. Here is the making off of the commercial and some examples of how the bottle set was made.”


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