Zeferino in VCI

Video Cine Import, distribution company of professional equipment for film and television, made a presentation on Wednesday of its latest developments in digital cinema and professional lighting in Madrid. The maine characters of this evening were, as not, the ARRI Alexa Studio, and in regard to lighting, the star products were the HMI M40 and the new LED projectors L7-C , both manufactured by ARRI.

Juan Carlos Gómez A. E. C was the responsible for bringing these products to the attendees. Zeferino took to their representatives, always careful not to lose even one detail. The Alexa, that more can be said when all is said, simplicity, and efficiency, designed to adapt to the new needs of the sector, direct format of ProRes 422 and 444. They finished the transform files continuously. For the more interested we give some links to online resources and tools: ARRI ALEXA.

In terms of lighting, the  M40 is the most promising. Like all members of the M-Series, the M40/25 unifies the advantages of a PAR light and a Fresnel fixture. Due to the unique lerns-less Max Technology, the unit is open face and thus very bright, but also focussable over a range of 18-52° HPA, casting a crisp shadow. The reflector characteristics is optimised for 4000 W lamps, but can also be used with 2500 W lamps. 
 The lamphead is equipped with a CCL module (compensation for cable loss). When operated with the new ARRI EB 2.5/4 kW with CCL, full power is maintained all the way to the lamp even when very long cables are used. This means uniformly high light output independent from cable length.

Last but not least , was presented the  L7-C. The L7-C and L7-T are the first LED fixtures to truly incorporate Fresnel characteristics such as continuous focusability from spot to flood and a smooth, homogenous light field. L stands for LED and 7 for the 7” Fresnel-like lens shared by both models. It is in color output that they differ: the L7-T is 3200 K (matching tungsten) while the L7-C is fully color controllable, enabling correlated color temperature, green-magenta shift and RGBW colors to be set with ease.

This is all from  Zeferino. We hope to see your personals views in our social networks.


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