Zeferino in NAB 2013

In the latest edition of the NAB 2013 we had the opportunity to see all the developments within the lighting industry. We realized one thing, the LED has more power than we imagined. Until now we were quite skeptical with them, by the multiple shadows, color deviations, etc. In this latest edition of the NAB, we have seen the possibilities of the LED devices to mee t”large” size with minimum consumption. Even so, many of its utilities are exclusive to the TV

Let’s start with the smaller models. Mole Richardson. Finally they also throw to experiment with the LED and with an optimal result. Fresnel LED The Mole, a range of products based on the fresnel light playback in version 3200K and 5600 with DMX, spot and flood as fresnel that is good and also following the design of the traditional models, making it more comfortable its incorporation. The powers 100w, 150w, 200w, would be equivalent (photometrically speaking) to a 300w, 350w and 650w respectively.

LITEPANEL parked his panels to focus on the Inca Trail to Tungsten series and SINGLE to 5600k. Two new models of LED by copying in the fresnel models throughout life. As not, carry system onboard DMX, dimmer, and what they call Cool to the Touch™ system, which is to say that is not hot enough to wear gloves. Both SINGLE as INCA, still the same range of consumption, model 12, 6 and 4 that would be equivalent to 346w, 104w and 39w.

Another great example of how the LED extends its possibilities is the range of products developed by the AAdyn brand in the United States. Calls Jab Series and Eco Series. Within the series JAB, JAB model have the bullet to shoot at high speeds 100.000 fps , JAB Variable with the option to vary the color temperature from 3000 to 6000k. The same is true with the ECHO series, the only difference is that the ECHO series also includes a model Mega Bullet that lets you roll up to 1.000 fps.

Cinemills occurs with LEDZ GREAT WAVE SPOT that according to them is equivalent to a 575 HMI. Its design is not very attractive, leaves much to be desired. LEDZ The GREAT WAVE SPOT is extremely robust with the entire system of aluminum and the @. Profile has a “thin” by what, according to them, you could place it in any small space.

That yes, continue to emerge LED displays. Some, increasingly similar to the model KINOFLO introduced last year, the famous 200. This year presents the larger version, the famous 400, would be the same but of 1,20 m. The idea is very light, soft and with low power consumption, dimeable and with all the color temperatures. As the Screens MegaLED FL700 manufactured by Vegrin Lite works, or the Mole LED 12-pack of Mole Richardson , remind us undoubtedly to the famous 200.

Finally mention the presence of a market for Asian manufacturers with medium-quality products that attempt to meet all kinds of needs to include customers. But by what seems to be the path opens LED increasingly quick apply to all kinds of situations, street lighting, architectural, etc. , something that we must support by the monetary savings that implies and at the same time, the energy savings of the planet.





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