Zeferino history. Chapter 2: C / Sagunto 22-24

If you’ve been in our current location, you may have noticed the features you have in a matter of space, accessibility and truck loading, but this was not always this way. Those who have seen us grow must remember our beginnings in Sagunto Street. As some of the large global companies, such as Apple or Microsoft, that began in a small garage, we spent our first 8 years of life in this small local in Sagunto Street. In the earliest beginnings we shared it with the set and the offices of another company in the industry, and we occupied only a small room  a few square meters. Over time we needed more space for the material we were getting, and as the other company moved from the local to another city, we were left with all the place, both for offices and for storage. Even though we won in space, there still were many logistical problems, especially by the narrowness and influx of Sagunto street traffic at that time. The truck drivers sweated ink to achieve fit in the local  trying not grate the trucks, or trying not to run over any granny crossing the street or avoiding hitting the neighbor’s house. Although more than one attempt failed causing the odd mess … This was one of the main reasons we moved to Hospitalet as we had the opportunity. But this will already be in the next chapter in the History of #ZeferinoLights.



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