The story of Zeferino. Chapter 1: The beginnings.

In the late 80’s the advertising world was beginning to experience one of his best moments in Spain, but companies in the sector of professional lighting were not yet sufficiently prepared for the demand of material that was beginning to be in the country, especially in Barcelona, ​​where  the majority of advertising shootings took place. In this context the photographer and filmmaker Ney Lutti  was often struggling to provide quality lighting equipment of last generation. To solve the problem he began to buy new material for their own shootings and soon had the idea of ​​creating a lighting equipment rental company, putting solution to the problem that many production companies, and himself, had during the preparation of their shootings. This way, and encouraged by the  comments of some gaffers and best boys, the history Zeferino started.

One of the treasures we keep in Zeferino with great affection is the collection of agendas where we write down all the orderings since the foundation in 1989-1990 to the present. Reading them you can find a brief overview on the history of Spanish advertisiment industry of the past 23 years. There are orders of the country’s leading production companies in the golden age of advertising, those with which we grew and learned in our early years: Tesauro, Piràmide, Grup Films, La Cosa de las Películas, Edie Saeta… There are also smaller production companies, so important to us as the others. Some still exist today, others have already passed into history, but we will always  keep them all in our memories … and in our agendas.

In the pictures you can see the entries of the orderings of Grup  Films, BMV, Tesauro, Piràmide, Antonio Alba, Ovideo, La Cosa de las Películas, Edie Saeta … We even have a picture of how to build a practicable and  the seal with the first address of Zeferino in Hartzembusch street! A small place in the neighborhood of Sants where it all began. Want to know stories of when we were there? Continue in the next chapter of “The Story of #ZeferinoProfessionalLightingl”!


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