Zeferino and the Chimera F2 Lightbank

In Zeferino Iluminación Profesional we want speak of our Chimera F2 Lightbank.

Why? Because besides beig amazing, that we are the only ones in Spain!

The Chimera F2 Lightbank has many advantages for filming, and that can be use both indoor or outside. Althought it has generous dimensions, 9 meters x 4.5 meters, the truth is that if you wish to use it outside, it si very easy to transport. It’s modular feature makes it can be transported in trucks usual shooting and subsequent assembly will take no more than four hours, if you carried out between two people.

The light generate by the Chimera F2 lighbank is “liquid light”, thanks to reflective silver lining soft and diffuse his paintings, which create an extremely efficient light source with the perfect quality lighting to highlight product lines illuminated.

This is why it is used mainly in comercial cars, which is where it really has their best features. If you do spot a car, Chimera F2 Lightbank can’t miss! And If not, do the test, and see how it is a guaranteed success. But not only the size of the Chimera and type of light, ate the keys to the success of this product, but it also has a lighting control and can be powered. With this system, you can appreciate just how practical and how efficient it is to work with this product.

In Zeferino, we have clear, use the Chimera F2 Lightbank because it’s amazing!



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