TOP 6 books of cinematographer

Another year comes Sant Jordi and when choosing wich book to buy. If in your case, you have a cinematographer close, Zeferino Iluminación Profesional we want help. We propose a TOP 6 of the best books on cinematography to give the next Sant Jordi 2016.

1. CATÁLOGO ZEFERINO de Zeferino iluminación profesional

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A catalog was designed to contribute to the knowledge of materials and lighting services offered Zeferino all those involved in a project of illumination. A catalog is intended that the cinetamtographer, the Gaffer, electric and others have a useful and effective tool for calculating your needs. It is the first photometric catalog value of almost all the projectors that are currently on the market, which makes it an indispensable guide for all professionals.

2. MAESTROS DE LA LUZ de Dennis Shaefer / Larry Salvato.


Conversations with 14 of the most renowned contemporary cinematographers, we enter this profession which depends on the final result and the style of a film. A book of interviews with top directors of photography of the 70s, 80s and 90s, basic for those people who want to do the photografy and want to understand the profession and the way of doing and thinking of professional reference.

3. CULTO A LA LUZ de Sven Nykvist


Sven Nykvist, considered by many as one of the best cinematographers, which include his numerous works with director Ingmar Bergman, is responsible for this amazing book.
His work in more than 100 films and for teachers like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski or Andrei Tarkovsky, is characterized by its naturalistic qualities and simplicity. By reading the autobiography of Swedish director you adentrarás in his magnificent style always fleeing the artificial light and appealing the importance of natural light.

4. DÍAS DE UNA CÁMARA de Néstor Almendros


Almendros, one of the directors of more international spanish cinematographer which ended up triumphing in the United States, made two books which include “Days of a camera,” where the director of photography shows us from the first person point of view on film profession. Right hand of directors like Eric Rohmer, Truffaut, Scorsese or Terrence Malick with which he won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography in Days of Heaven (1978), explains his personal experience in different films in which he participated accompanying them shooting where you can see the solutions applied in each case.



Through an accurate compilation of interviews, you’ll meet three generations of the most important directors of photography film history. In addition to interviews and interesting conversations, the book has an added value because it contains about 500 illustrations where filming scenes shalt see, sketches and glossaries of technical terms.



Recent book (2004) brings us to the work of the directors of most current picture that have become benchmarks in the field of photographic direction as Jean Yves Escoffier, Darius Kondji, Lance Acord or Harris Savides, among others. A collection of his best work and detailed analysis of his films.

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