Renault with our F2 LIGHTBANK Chimera

During the last work of Renault, the DP Riego Von Wersh and the Gaffer Kevin Gonzalez chose to use our F2 Chimera LightBank. This Chimera 4.5 x 9 meters provides a soft light and without seams of 40kw of tungsten. Perfect for the car lighting to help us create a reflection uniform and smooth on the surface. Accompanying the chimera, you will sum the Bag-o-light, a diffuser attachment that provides us with a quality of soft light and free of shadows, ideal for the occasion. A simple but brilliant invention, the accessory is mounted in front of a projector PAIR type, are filled with air through a compressor and once inflated, the light is diluted by all the tube that when coming to the end, it is reflected in a mirror to keep an internal light equitable throughout the tube.



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