The LED mosaic that everyone wants

This week at  Zeferino Iluminación Profesional  we talk about the LED mosaic that everyone wants. We have always opted for new trends within the sector, since LiteGear Litetile has been part of our catalog since last year. It is a mosaic of soft hybrid light formed by different cloth panels joined together. They can be folded and are flexible, for better transport and storage.
The world of technology, including audiovisual lighting, does not stop at high speed. Making products lighter, more adaptable, compact and above all with lower energy consumption. Which is very important in the field in which we operate.

This device is the perfect tool; for its shapes, weight and size; to illuminate any space in a creative and different way. It is a perfect device not only for the audiovisual sector. But for a theater, an event or any location that prides itself on being illuminated as it deserves.

The manufacturer LiteGear is specialized in LED lighting equipment, always with the premises of lightness and adaptability for any product of the brand. In addition all present a chromatic precision that very few competitors can offer their users.

LiteTile mosaic provides a soft light that can be placed in any difficult area at first as it is adaptable to be a fabric. It has different sizes; 8×8, 4×4 or 2×8. It is formed by different fabric panels that are joined together by Velcro, foldable for better transport and storage. The 4×4 model also has a Plus version, offering more than 10,000 lumens, with a weight of just 2kg and a power of 200W. For its part, the 8×8 reaches 23,000 lumens, with a weight of 3.7 kg and a power of 400W.

Any LiteTile can be fixed on any surface, like a canopy to be able to tilt or color in any way.


In this photo we see the mosaic used by Javier Catalán. For Mazda with the production company El desierto de Nevada.

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