J.L. Alcaine with F2 Lightbank

The new spot of Honda comes from the hand of Good Morning production company. Realised by Luis Gérard (VolskwagenTridentFordLexus, etc) and photographed by Jose Luis Alcaine, Director of Photography of films like Jamón Jamón, VolverBelle EpoqueMujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios, etc, the good work is  assured. It is not the first time that we agreed with Jose Luis Alcaine, but this time, he has bet to use our 4,5×9 m  Chimera F2 Lightbank  to illuminate the new Honda in studio. Do not forget that we are the unique supplier with capacity to provide Chimera F2 Lightbank in Spain. With the Gaffer Rafa Ramirez and Zeferino, the result is more than exceptional. Enjoy the making off that let you below.

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