In Zeferino Professional Lighting we have news and we want to share with you! We  can already announce that Zeferino Studio provides optical fiber at maximum speed. Nothing more and nothing less than 1000 megabytes of download and upload 200 megabytes! It’s amazing!

We are aware of the importance of being able to navigate at speed and when it comes to a lot of people using the network. Can you imagine 100 people connected to the same wiffi at once? In a film crew it is the most common and in Zeferino Studio now you can!


We are pragmatic and we like to make as easy as possible your work, so start with our new optical fiber during filming you may have all comfort necessary to are within our reach.

Do you know our film set? To know all about we have a catalog where you can see all details such as our facilities and services we offer!



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