How is the life of a director of photography?

In Zeferino Iluminación Profesional, after a long study on the matter and then make a few cinematographers, we bring you an overview of how to live in the skin of one of them.

1.When you listen to the film set and the producer and director talk about what could be a new project:F57

2. When you meet old friends the first day of shooting:

giphy (5)

3. When the director says he needed to shoot a prey and everything is included:


4. When you’re shooting and asks the director to give him “a little more life”.

SlowShyDesertpupfish 5. When you offer a project is a great opportunity: bailando 6. When someone has the great idea of saying ” I recorded everything in hand and go faster “: giphy (2) 7. When production shows catering thousand hours after rolling: giphy (4) 8. When someone asks you what you do professionally to survive: giphy (6) 9. When you go to work at 5 in the morning and the night before you finish at 2 o clock: giphy (9) 10. When uoy realize that one of “yours” director is working with another DoP:

giphy (10)

11.When a random burst of sunlight creeps into the location and makes it look staggeringly cool but leaves before you can shoot anything:so-beautiful

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