Zeferino with the director of photography Kasper Tuxen

In March, Zeferino Professional Lighting  had the honor to collaborate with Nevada Service and Rif Raf in their last project from Canon “Live for the story”.  The director of photography was Kasper Tuxen.

Kasper Tuxen was born on April 23, 1977 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He started making He is known for his work on Beginners (2010), Ekko (2007) and Operation Cobra (1995).

After film school, Tuxen had said, “it was hard to break into narrative. I only got one feature film in five years.” So he started to shoot music videos for director Martin de Thurah. These are some of the most gorgeous clips around, dreamy and painterly. And with textures far away from standard-issue American music videos. Not surprisingly, Tuxen’s other major work during this period was in the art world as a d.p. for 17 of Danish artist Jesper Just’s pieces.

Kasper Tuxen’s resume is above all filled with prestigious advertising credits (Louis Vuitton featuring David Bowie, Hennessy, BMW…). After first working with director Gus Van Sant on a television series (Boss); He was responsible for the images of The Sea of Trees.

He won: Best Cinematography in a Music Video, UKMVA, Best Cinematography, CAD Awards,  Best Cinematography, AICP Awards, between others.

Kasper Tuxen cites fellow d.P.S Harris Savides, Anthony Dod Mantle and Nestor Almendros as inspirations, says that he’ll often start to think of still photography when first contemplating a scene. “I’ll think, if we only had one setup for a scene, one shot, what would that photograph be? It might be a close-up, or you might shoot it from half a mile away. I also like to work with natural light. I’ll watch how the light behaves in a room during the day, and then later remember it and maybe add a little more light on top.”

As always, we enjoyed being part of the team providing the best lighting.

Although the rain was a bit a pain in the neck, the results were amazing.

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