CineSummit is back

Today in Zeferino Professional Ligthing we present you the world’s largest online cinematography event.

There’s a reason over 60,000 filmmakers are expected to attend the 2017 CineSummit event—it’s online, it’s free, and it’s got 8 world-class DPs ready to dispense their cinematic wisdom. If you’re a cinematographer looking to take your skills to the next level. You might want to attend This year’s CineSummit. For those who have never heard of it before, CineSummit is a 2-day online event that gives filmmakers a chance to learn from 8 distinguished cinematographers about many different aspects of the craft. Oh, and it’s 100% free!


The idea behind CineSummit is to offer filmmakers practical advice on everything from how to light a scene to moving your camera so that when the event is over you can hit the ground running with your newly learned skills. A total of 8 experts will be offering their expertise at CS6 in a series of online workshops. Here’s the full list:

Federico Cantini (Coca Cola, Sony, Renault): “The 5-Step Cinematography Checklist

Pierre Gill, CSC (Upside Down, Casanova, The Colony): “‘1-Light Source’ Cinematography”

Michael Belcher (Unicorn, Nike, Facebook AI): “The Lighting ‘Masterclass’ (BigBudget/Small Budget)”

Michele Brandstetter, AIC (Fiat, Moschino, Samsung): “The Ultimate Lighting Toolbox”

Piero Basso, AIC (Seven Acts of Mercy, Darker than Midnight): “Feature Film Backstage Pass”

Sloan Inns (Hydra V, Nutrilite): “Behind the Scenes of a World-Class Commercial Shoot”

Stefan von Borbely (Nikon, LG, Tecate): “How to Get Big Results with a Tiny Crew (and DSLR)”

Fernando Reyes, AMC (Hyundai, Motorola, Elysium): “Bring Your Ideas to Life”

CineSummit founder talks about the origins of the event and why there is such an emphasis on keeping it free to filmmakers.


CineSummit was born out of my own desire to learn from some of the most talented Cinematographers and Directors around the world about their own work and get practical advice on how to reach their level. What began as basic interviews on a blog quickly evolved into this worldwide massive online event. I take pride in making the CineSummit as accessible as possible to the filmmaking community around the world. I’ll always strive to keep the live event free while offering a very affordable downloadable option. The key to the CineSummit is that current industry rockstars are the actual teachers! 

If you are interested you still have time to join, CineSummit 2017

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