The best cinematographic lighting for Hyundai

The last work in which we have been able to provide the best cinematographic lighting has already come out. This time we have collaborated with director Goh Hanki and produced by Keystone Films and Ice Cream service. The result has been the new Hyundai spot, “Santa Fe”. Alex Lamarque, Director of Photography, took part in the project.

Alex Lamarque is a French cinematographer. For him: “Black is the king of colors, he absorbs them all, empties space and redefines the frame, from which only what we want to show appears.” He states that “I do not believe in defined formats, I think that each subject has its own appropriate frame, size and ratio aspect, it is a totally arbitrary equilibrium. But it finally shows a kind of properties.”

Javier Catalán, recognized Gaffer within the sector, was the one who was in charge of coordinating the needs of the lighting proposed by Alex Lamarque.

Once again it was a pleasure to be able to provide the best cinematographic lighting.

Finally we leave you with the result of such a successful work.

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