5 Cinematographer’s curiosities

In Zeferino Iluminación Profesional we took about a week reflecting on what it means to be a cinematographer. We wanted to speak about the profession and what are the basic functions of the photographic direction , but after a long process of meditation we conclude that by now is information known by most. So after spending … Read more

Zeferino with female cinematographers

In Zeferino Professional Lighting  we support to all those women who are dedicated to the film industry as the cinematographers, which are many and of a very high professional quality. Today we highlight the work of 5 directors of photography, which made their way into the industry and that for one reason or another, they … Read more

Zeferino with the Gaffers

God said (reportedly) “Let there be light” and there was. Sounds simple enough, but absent omnipotence, getting proper lighting on set or in the field isn’t always so straightforward. It’s because of this that today in Zeferino Professional Lighting we want to talk about the work of the Gaffer. Gaffer is British slang for … Read more

Zeferino with the cinematographers

On Zeferino Lighting Professional we like to start the week looking forward to, so we have made a small collection of quotes and advices from some of the best contemporary cinematographers. “I am finding that my lighting becomes more and more simplified as I gain experience, which facilitates moving the camera more easily. I … Read more

Zeferino innovating with Literribon

During the past December, was published the last spot by Anna de Codorníu in which Zeferino Professional Lighting had the pleasure of working. Produced by Tesauro and directed by Rebeca Díaz, the shoot took place between New York and Barcelona. During preproduction process, the Director of Photography Rafa Lluch presented an idea of the … Read more