10 questions for make a good RECCE

Spring begins and the new wave of commercial shoots. A good RECCE is indispensable for all departments. Especially for the director of photography and for the production team. That is why today we want to mention the 10 essential questions that must be answered during the RECCE. 1.-Is the mains supply beefy enough for … Read more

How to illuminate a car with a chroma background?

Shooting a subject on greenscreen is relatively simple. People, unlike motor vehicles, tend not to have curved and angular edges. These highly polished and rigid structures will reflect, refract, bounce and spill light off the green walls. And show the kit and crew’s reflections too. With this article in Zeferino Professional Light we want … Read more

Pros & Cons of being a young cinematographer

Making films is very different today for young cinematographer, than it used to be just a few years ago In Zeferino Professional Lighting we want to take a look at how new technologies can improve or not young careers. All DPs face professional and emotional challenges when it comes to their work. But emerging cinematographers in this … Read more