Zeferino meets the DP Kiko de la Rica

During the last week of May, Zeferino Professional Lighting collaborated (along with several companies) in the development of a cinematic project submitted by the students of the Master of the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC). The project was to bring Kiko de la Rica, as invited Director of Photography, to … Read more

Zeferino interview D.O.P. Emilio Guirao

What were your beginnings in cinematography? After finishing the photography school IEFC (Institut Photographic Studies of Catalonia), I was able to get an apprenticeship at Vision Service which was then in l’Hospitalet in modern carrer. I met professional camera team that gave me the opportunity to work as a video technician. With time spent … Read more

Pol Turrents Interview a D.O.P

What is Tuttograu and where can we find them ? The Tuttograu borns from the need of wanting to do something different. With Alfonso Grau, Julio Gomez and Pablo Díez , we were sick of seeing German gentlemen telling you what button is for what and what you have to press to turn on, … Read more