Shooting the World’s Most Spectacular Fireworks

This week in Zeferino Professional Lighting we have found interesting the interview of Tobias von dem Borne, DP of new Viktor Jakovleski’s film ‘Brimstone & Glory’.  Largely shot in slow motion with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Cameras and GoPros. The first shot of the film could be mistaken for a supernova. Actually, it’s a firework exploding in … Read more

Zeferino Professional Light with Carlos Melville

Last week in Zeferino Professional Light we had the pleasure to work for the gaffer Carlos Melville. In the shooting for “My Way” project. Carlos works in Backlight Crew Company, on of the best companies in Barcelona of lighting technicians. Among other material we used the LiteTile 4×3 meters. The LiteTile product line is a blend … Read more

Luke Geissbühler: 4 tips on being ‘In Pursuit of the Light’

This week in Zeferino Professional Lighting we take a look at how munch there’s to be learned from the 40+ films Luke Geissbühler has shot—and the five cameras he owns. Academy Award-nominated DP Luke Geissbühler has perhaps one of the most diverse reels in the business today: he’s shot everything from the colorful Muppets movie, to … Read more