The book that a cinematographer can not miss

This week in Zeferino Iluminación Profesional we talk about a book that any cinematographer should have on their shelves. We published in 2012 our catalog in which you can find an explanation of all the materials and services we offer, being the perfect guide for any worker in the area. Without good lighting you can not make good … Read more

How to Compose Shots to Tell Stories

This week in Zeferino  rental lighting we’ll take a look at the differences between shots. Wide ones and close-ups. Because they tell completely different stories. In filmmaking, the frame is everything. It is the package that delivers every bit of visual information to your audience. Which means that as a storyteller, you have to be … Read more

Lateral movement

This week in Zeferino Professional Lighting we take a closer look to the character’s lateral movement and how relevant this can be.  That’s right. It matters whether your actors are moving right or left across the screen. Or whether your character appears on the right or left side of the screen, or whether they are right-handed … Read more