The book that a cinematographer can not miss

This week in Zeferino Iluminación Profesional we talk about a book that any cinematographer should have on their shelves. We published in 2012 our catalog in which you can find an explanation of all the materials and services we offer, being the perfect guide for any worker in the area.

Without good lighting you can not make good photographs, no matter if the camera is the newest on the market. Shooting with natural light creates a good exposure, but lacks depth, contour, contrast, atmosphere and, often, falls into a little personal way. The story could be the best in the world, but if the lighting is poor, the spectators will believe that it is an amateur film and they will not take it as something professional. Feature films and television programs, advertisements and industrial videos, reality shows and documentaries, including videos of events and weddings tell stories. Good lighting is what creates the difference, being able to create an atmosphere that with real lighting is often lost.


Lighting for Cinematography is the indispensable guide for the illumination of films and videos. The first volume of the new CineTech guides for the Film Crafts series. Written by a veteran gaffer and director of photography David Landau. The book helps to create an illumination that supports the emotional moment of each scene. Contributes to the atmosphere of the story and increases the artistic style.

It is structured to imitate a semester of 14 weeks. The chapters speak from lighting to movement. Work with windows. Night lighting. Lighting of the three plains of action. And non-fiction lighting. Each chapter includes photograms, lighting diagrams and key tips from professionals in the industry, as well as lighting exercises to help the readers put into practice what they are learning.


“David Landau has produced an excellent text in Lighting for Cinematography. Which manages to cover the practicalities of production. The technical aspects of lighting. And vitally the artistic importance of this work. 

Lighting for Cinematography is constructed to appeal and be of value to the practitioner at all levels; it is equally full of detail for careful consideration and quick hints and images for review before filming. Landau’s book is helpfully crammed with instructional diagrams and the chosen images act as exemplars of technique. 

Lighting for Cinematography contains a series of production skills and helpful hints and exercises; these aspects are exceptionally helpful to the student of film wishing to improve their understanding and technique. I would highly recommend Lighting for Cinematography to those to wish to learn more about this field. And to all those interested in the technique and process of film making.” Robert Edgar, Senior Lecturer in Film and TV Production, York St John University, UK

“This unique approach has been needed for a long time and there is simply no other lighting book like this in print.” ―Peter Stein, ASC, Student Filmmakers.

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