Control systems for lighting Avolites Titan

We started the month of April with a workshop in Zeferino Studio. To make an introduction of Avolites Titan control systems for lighting control, in the Cinema, Broadcast and Advertising market. Two intense days taking the best ways to adapt this system to field work, in this market.

As the film industry progresses, more and more, there are types of shootings that require tools that are as flexible as possible. In the case of Avolites, this tool is the TITAN lighting control system.

The new hybrid lighting control system TITAN Mobile from Avolites combines the powerful TITAN software from the English manufacturer. With a compact and light control surface. And connected a laptop, offers all the possibilities of control. Of which we would have with a conventional lighting console.

This system is designed especially for illuminators and operators. Both in stages of learning (as a training tool). As a professional level (as a verification system and light management) that want to have a portable lighting control system that offers a total guarantee.

At Zeferino we like I+D and that is why we believe it is important to do field work. This time with Avolites Titan.


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