About us

If you are a professional of the audiovisual sector in Barcelona you probably already know us. But if you’re new here, or you’re curious, here’s a bit of our story.

What is Zeferino?

Zeferino is a company specializing in the audiovisual sector that provides innovative and quality solutions to all professionals involved in an audiovisual project. Our services are directed to directors, photographers, directors of photography, illuminators, producers, gaffers, electricians and other professionals linked to advertising, film, television, video clips, shows and events.

The origins

Since 1989 Zeferino has been offering rental services for professional lighting equipment for the audiovisual sector in Barcelona. Since then, it has stood out for its vocation to innovation and the technological quality of its products. Zeferino lights has the widest range of products in the international market. Our clients know that they can count on our material 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and with a great team of professionals that watches over the success of their production

Zeferino today

Today, in addition to our professional lighting rental service, we also have in our facilities a large set, Zeferino Studio, fully equipped so that the needs of all professionals involved in a project are covered. Zeferino Studio is a space of more than 1,000 square meters that also has VIP lounges, makeup and hairdressing spaces, changing rooms, storage rooms.

Finally, Zeferino Power, from its facilities in Badalona, ​​offers our customers effective and quality solutions in the rental of generators and generating trucks for their audiovisual projects.