A DeLight day

Last Wednesday was carried out A Day of Light, Natalia Regás award by participation in one of our contests.

The prize consisted of a whole day that Zeferino Professional Lighting became 100% available to provide the winner with all the necessary equipment for a good light testing. Among the material at her disposal, were the latest developments in lighting equipment purchased by Zeferino in the last year, as are the new ST series and D series of Arri True Blue, Tecpro Fellini, Vistabeam  600, Barfly and Parabeam 400, etc.

The DP, Natalia Regàs, took the opportunity to perform a certain scenes of his next film, “El Dietista” for make some lighting tests.

Then we leave you with a video as an example of what was A Day of Light with Natalia Regás.

Also want to take this post to thank Soy de Anuncio their collaboration award providing us with the actors. We also want to congratulate our winner once more! Wish her the best in the shooting of “El Diestista”!



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