5 Handy Mobile Apps to Help you as DOP

This week in Zeferino rental lighting we want to gather some apps that will make your life easier while on set. There are literally thousands of apps on the iOS and Android platforms, and plenty of them are actually useful for filmmakers. Having some of these apps is like having an entire production office or studio in your pocket. App developers have created tools for all different skill levels, so whether you are just starting your career or have been at it for a while, there is an app for you. Here are 5 that just might make your filmmaking experience more productive:


If you forget your slate when shooting, it can make things very difficult and complicated. That is when MovieSlate comes in. Not only does this digital, time-coded slate let you add in basic information like the production name, director, or director of photography, but it also lets you add in extra information for each shot. You can add in camera optic information such as the file name, lens, and filming calculations, as well as sound information like the file name and type, noise, and type of equipment used. MovieSlate also instantly records the time code and other information each time the clapper closes, this information can quickly and easily be exported into a report for your records.



The Edictive app by True Hero Studio lets you have everything you need right in your pocket. This app lets you create different projects on the main screen so each project is easily accessible. Within each project, you can add in locations, cast, crew, and even a budget. The user can take preproduction images while location scouting and make notes before saving them to specific projects. With this app, you can also have all your crew call sheets, shot lists, and script right at your fingertips. This app acts as your own private producer’s assistant by keeping all of your production information in one neat, organized app.

Artemis Director’s Viewfinder

This app by Chemical Wedding can be very helpful for directors and cinematographers. With this app, you can choose what type of camera you are using, then you pick the lens you would like to use. Once you have chosen a lens, you will be able to see the view that you can expect with that particular lens and zoom. This app is helpful when you are rehearsing and blocking. It gives you an idea of what your shot will look like depending on the lens you choose.


Sun Scout

Coordinating outside shots can be difficult, especially since you have to work with outside lighting. Sun Scout by Benjohn Barnes helps you find out where the sun will be while you are on location. The app will let you see the suns position for the day, or a day in the future. The app uses your phones camera, compass, and GPS. To give you an accurate prediction of the position at a certain time. This app is very helpful if you want to get a shot facing a direction and need a specific sun position.



Kodak Cinema Tools

Kodak has been arround for all of our film needs. And now they have an app to help with even more production needs. The app comes with a depth of field calculator, a film calculator, and a glossary. And the depth of field calculator lets you add in information like; The film format, F-stop, subject distance and/or focal distance. So you can get an accurate measurement of the depth of field for that shot. The film calculator will help you find out the run time for a certain film format and length. Or how much film you may need for a specific run time.


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