5 tips for shooting in magic hour

The magic hour produce some of the most optimal conditions to shoot lighting, but the results are not automatic.

The moment just after sunrise and before sunset, also known as “golden hour” or “magic hour”, can be a bit difficult to work, especially because time plays a very important factor.

Today we are 5 basic tips that can be useful for optimum image performance:

1. Something logical, but it is not wrong to remember: Do not set the auto white balance. The camera will neutralize skin tones by inserting image bluer, toppling the purpose of shooting during the magic hour.

2. Planning ahead: The magic hour does not last forever, which means that if you have a difficult scene to shoot: a movement of camer, complicated dialogues, etc., then going to require sufficient technical equipment and testing in artistic team. You need a cushion enough. Set the staging in advance, make sure the scene is well planned, and find out how long it will last that day the magic hour.


3. Use a reflector: You will need to use a reflector to bounce the light soft and warm sun on the character. If you lay entirely by the sun and sky, you lose the entire subject, so place a constant reflector can bounce the light to the subject is insurance.

4. Use the flares: It not only gives magnificent colors to work, the magic hour. The light is diffused so that the capture usually generates flashes of light.

5. Take a wide angle lens: You might not have planning to shoot using a wide angle lens for this scene, but you might want to get at least one open plane. Why? Just because it’s magic hour and open floor plans are highly beautiful with these features sun



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