¡Finally Zeferino Studio!

1000m2 of facilities designed for all departments

Since 1989, here at Zeferino we put the maximum amount of effort in offering the best services in lighting and after 24 years of service we carry on with the same perseverance. This time we offer our brand new Zeferino Studio, our new studio in Barcelona for any and all your needs.

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The Rigging Kit

One of our last acquisition

A versatile product developed by professionals focused in designing practical and functional camera rigs.

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Arri M40/25

Here we bring more new developments to you presented in #UnaTardeDeLuz! The new M40/25 de Arri is a projector of light with many given possibilities its characteristics, and very useful to days of today by his “under consumption”  and his yield. In Zeferino Professional Lighting we did not doubt it nor a second! Now it is called on to you to prove it!

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KinoFlo Celeb 200 LED

The LED that all we hope

As many of you will know, last Thursday Zeferino™ Professional Lighting organized an event where were presented all the products purchased by the brand and some other surprise. We show you some details below.

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LiteRibbon Kit

Gadget for improvising!

In #UnaTardeDeLuz we had the pleasure to present this peculiar product that allows us to create LED panels according to our needs. In the next article, we remembered its characteristics to you.

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